frosted sprinkle cake #WIAW

Happy Birthday To My Blog & WIAW #49

You guys!

Yesterday, June 16th, marked my blog’s one year anniversary. I can’t believe I missed my blog’s first birthday! I’m a terrible blog mom… err blom.

If you’re in the market for a laugh, check out my very first blog post here. I’m pleased to say the picture quality on this blog has come a long way in the past year. I seem to be eating all of the exact same things as I was a year ago, but at least you can see them more clearly now.


What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday 6/16/15

9:00am – Bulletproof coffee

bulletproof coffee #WIAW


11:00am – Overnight Oats

overnight oats #WIAW


1:30pm – Fried egg + crumbled bacon salad with avocado

fried egg salad with bacon and avocado #WIAW


4:00pm – Peach!

peach #WIAW


7:00pm – A glass of wine while catching up with our neighbor, Sandy. We also snacked on some chips and salsa that became the bulk of our dinner…

wine and chips #WIAW


8:30pm – Summer farro salad

summer farro salad #WIAW

Last Sunday at the farmers’ market, Andrew and I saw that these tiny tomatoes had made their seasonal debut, so we bought a bunch. One thing led to another and… summer farro salad happened.


Later… Andrew and I split a chocolate kinder egg while watching TV, and the Kevins got a kick out of the toy inside. It was actually pretty cool; it was a flower berrette.

Kevin and Kevin

And  here’s some real time cat action for you:


Happy Wednesday, everyone! And as always, you can check out what other bloggers are eating here or here.



Question: What was the best thing you ate yesterday?


These old blog posts are too funny. Here is day two, the photos are horrendous but I basically ate the same food as yesterday.


WIAW #43: On The Road

Good morning, friends.

I hope you all had fun Cinco de Mayo celebrations last night and I hope your tequila hangovers are minimal.


So… as you know, it’s Wednesday, and that means I’ll be sharing an unedited look at everything I ate yesterday. Most of these posts tend to look pretty similar because I’m almost always documenting Tuesdays in my life, which are usually pretty predictable; not wild and crazy like Fridays or Saturdays. Well, this Tuesday was different, my friends! At least a little bit different in that it was a travel day. But looking back on the day, my meals were actually fairly standard. Ok, scratch all that. Here’s another typical Tuesday, AKA…


What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday 5/5/15


8:00am – Bulletproof coffee

bulletproof coffee #WIAW


11:30am – Banana Peach Overnight Oats

overnight oats #WIAW

This combo was fantastic, I’d highly recommend it:
1/3 cup oats
1 T chia seeds
1/4 cup almond milk
1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
1 t honey
1 banana
1-2 peaches, sliced


2:00pm – Coconut Flat White from Starbucks

starbucks #WIAW

Yeah, it was 2 in the afternoon, but coffee is an airport ritual for me.


5:00pm – Glass of wine while catching up with the family before dinner. Forgot to take a picture because my brain was still on airplane mode.


7:00pm – My parents took me out for dinner at Yankee Pier in Lafayette. It’s primarily a seafood restaurant, and seeing as my mom has a fairly severe shellfish allergy, I was surprised by the selection. Turns out there’s a tuna melt there that she gets that is just to die for. Haha. It did look pretty good.

Salmon at Yankee Pier #WIAW

I had the salmon, which was really good, but really rich served on top of an asparagus risotto.

. . . . . .




I better run, I have a busy day planned with my parents today. I only have a few days up here with them, so we really have to pack it in! (<–pack = travel pun)




Question: What was the best thing you ate yesterday?


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