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Weekend Eats & Activities

Hello friends.

How was the weekend? Did anyone else in LA feel the earthquake Sunday morning? The 3.9 hit around 4am and I definitely felt it. I’d be lying if I said earthquakes didn’t make me nervous, but luckily it was the only thing that was stressful about the weekend.


Weekend eats and activities…

Saturday’s workout was a daylong biking adventure. I was under the impression that the new Bulletproof Coffee shop on Main St. in Santa Monica had officially opened last Thursday, but I was (for the second time) mistaken.

bulletproof coffee shop santa monica

The shop is there, and they’ve had an opening party, but it’s not open to the public yet. Still “coming soon…”


After grabbing coffee elsewhere, we continued on our way to Santa Monica Seafood to pick up fish for dinner. It was right around lunchtime so we decided to stay a while and order some oysters. In addition to an oyster bar, SM Seafood has a whole roped off  section for dining in, complete with a full bar.

oysters at Santa Monica Seafood

A dozen oysters, 2 crab cakes and a couple glasses of wine later, we were back on our bikes with some fresh rock cod in tow that turned out to be delicious, pan-seared for dinner.


Sunday morning, we were up early because I had to take Andrew to the airport for a work trip. I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, working out at the gym, going to the farmers market in search of peaches…

peaches at the mar vista farmers market

Peaches are here! They’re tiny and still a little tart, but they’re here.


I tried to spend some quality time with the Kevins, but they were having a cat fight, so I just let them work it out.

kevin fight

Just kidding. They love each other and were licking each other’s faces about 2 minutes after this photo was taken. I just think it’s funny how mad Al looks here.


Somehow, the random assortment of items I threw together for dinner turned out really well. I called it Quiche over Caesar Salad Greens with Carrots because that’s exactly what it was.

healthy sunday dinner

And now it’s Monday, again. That keeps happening!

Have a great week, everyone.



Question: What was the highlight of your weekend?

Latte from Cielo Santa Monica

Weekend Highlights & A Beachside GoPro Adventure

Hi! How are you? How was your weekend? On a scale of 1 to 10, my weekend was a 20. Saturday was jam packed with all of my favorite things and I have no words to describe how nice Sunday was. I really don’t. I’m letting a video do the talking.


Signs of Spring


Every minute of this weekend felt like a celebration. Spring, anniversary, birthdays, new baby in the family, there’s a lot to celebrate in our lives right now. Nothing major happened (no, Dani, we’re not pregnant); it was just one of those weekends where you look around and realize how lucky you are.





Better lattes


Let me paint you a picture of Saturday.


33015 tikkun


Saturday morning started with massages at Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica. I currently have so much love and appreciation for Tikkun Spa. Andrew and I went for massages, but also enjoyed the unique saunas, steam rooms, and jacuzzi. The massage I got was beyond relaxing and more than exceeded my expectations. I went in with sore shoulders and calves and came out feeling like the best kind of jello.


Salt Room at Tikkun

Himalayan Salt Room at Tikkun Spa in Santa Monica, CA [source]


After living on the west side for a few years, Andrew and I have tested out a decent number of massage parlors and Tikkun was easily one of the best all around experiences we’ve had (factoring in staff, amenities, and the actual massage). I would happily go back.


Not that it takes much convincing, but I truly believe getting massages is as important for your body as a good workout. If you’re going to prioritize exercise because you care about your body, you should give it some love in the form of periodic massage, too. (And you don’t have to go to a fancy spa every time. Google or Yelp “massage schools” in your area, and you’ll probably find some really affordably priced student massages.)


Bay Cities loot

4 sandwiches, 3 loaves of warm bread, olives, cheese, salami, Kinder Surprise Easter Bunnies(!), and extra Kinder chocolate for emergencies


Andrew had a great idea to pick up a bunch of lunch fixings from Bay Cities to share with Robynn, Jeff, and the newest edition to their family, Maxine. Maxine makes an adorable baby sister for Izzy to play with and protect and is the first baby girl on Andrew’s side of the family in quite a while. I was too preoccupied with her cuteness to take out my camera, but just picture a perfect 4-day-old baby.


As soon as we got home, we were right back out the door to pick up some cheese and prosciutto from Wheel House across the street for a healthy* dinner. As we arrived, a beer and cheese pairing event on the back patio was wrapping up. After most of the attendees had gone, the owner of the shop (who we’ve met before at a different event) offered us some of the pulled pork sliders he made for the group. He insisted on serving us both heaping plates of food and sent us out to the patio with cold beers to enjoy them. We had no choice in the matter.
*relative term


Wheel House back patio


We finished our sliders, paid for our cheese and meat and walked back to our house where we made a pretty spectacular cheese plate of our own. We turned on Interstellar (really good, but 4 hours too long) and poured some wine. It was basically the best Saturday I can remember.


Cheese Plate Dinner





Cielo Cafe


Sunday, Andrew and I adventured into Santa Monica on our bikes. Andrew has a new GoPro and wanted to test out the bike mount, so this is what (60 seconds of) our Sunday looked like:



Feeling very grateful for one of the best weekends in recent memory. 🙂




Question: What was the highlight of your weekend?