Bouncing Back From Birthday

Good morning!

Did any of you witness any tom-foolery yesterday? Per usual, I did more prank pulling than prank receiving. I won’t get into it, but I pulled a pretty hilarious prank on Andrew that he did not see coming.

Yesterday was a rest day on the workout front, and in the eating department… let’s just say it could have been a little cleaner and a little greener. My whole foods, no rules diet includes a no guilt clause, though, so you better believe I enjoyed every bite of sprinkle covered waffle, pound cake, and sushi.




As soon as this post goes live, I’m out the door for to sweat my butt off in a spin class and then soak it out in the outdoor gym jacuzzi. Something tells me everyone reading this at work just rolled their eyes at me, and I don’t blame you guys! I’m just trying to live it up while I can. As soon as I pass my CPT exam (positive thoughts), the pressure will be on to find a real job again. And to be fair, I’m sure I’ll be flipping through flash cards while I’m in the hot tub. #nothingcooler


Come to think of it, I did get pranked yesterday. The Starbucks barista really got me good when he pretended not to be impressed by my new gold Starbucks card. Well played, you sly dog.



Question: Did you get pranked yesterday? Or were you the one pulling all the pranks?

Friday Favorites |

My New Day-in-the-Life & Friday Favorites

Hallelujah, it’s Friday!

Three months ago, when I left my job, I had a feeling that not having a set schedule might be kind of hard for me. I actually adapted to a schedule-less lifestyle fairly well (if I do say so myself), but one thing I did miss was having a distinct weekend. When every day is a day off, things really start to blend together and weekends become a little bit less special.

I’m now working part-time and have the luxury of an extremely flexible schedule, which allows me to structure my week in a way that more-or-less mimics Andrew’s. I’ve finally found a solid new routine. This is a good thing.

In case you’re curious (I know I would be), this is what a typical weekday looks like for me now…


New Day-in-the-Life


8:00am – Wake up with Andrew. This is actually sleeping in for me since I used to be the first shift in the morning and had to be up an hour before Andrew. I’ll make the bed (haven’t missed a day in 27 years), make coffee, and put Andrew’s lunch together.

Made Bed Everyday

8:30am – Andrew leaves for work and I finish up and publish the day’s blog post. I’ll usually catch up on emails or mail while finishing my coffee.

bulletproof coffee

9:00am – 11:30am – Workout. I love to get my workout out of the way in the morning, while I’m still fully fueled by bulletproof coffee. I’ll usually either head to the gym, go for a run, or do an at-home workout.

10615 fitness colors

Sometimes I’ll do a little SEO work before lunch if it’s a rest day or I’m done with my workout early enough.

12:00pm – Lunch. I’ll throw something together (salad, leftovers, overnight oats, toaster waffle, etc) and eat it while watching my favorite show of the moment, America’s Test Kitchen.

kale eggs

12:30pm – SEO work. I can’t exactly multi-task while doing this type of work (focus and speed are equally important), so I like to do it right after lunch when I know I won’t be distracted by hunger. I’ll spend 2-5 hours on this.

cat nap

2:00pm – Somewhere around 2pm, Andrew and I will take a break and go for a walk/talk on the phone. He’ll walk around the Lot and I’ll walk around the neighborhood.

10815 clouds

3:00pm – If all things go according to plan, I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon studying for my NASM personal training certification.

NASM Study Station

6:30pm – Andrew gets home from work and I shut down my laptop(s) for the night.


One of the best things about my current schedule is that weekends are exciting again. I try not to do any work or studying on the weekends so that Andrew and I can make the most of our time together.

. . . . . .

Before signing off and officially declaring this the start of the long weekend (Cheers to you, Dr. King), I can’t help but share a few #FridayFavorites with you.


Linking up with Heather’s site, where you can check out a bunch of others’ Friday faves.


Favorite (non-Kevin) cat video of the week – These kittens who can’t even (via TheDailyDot).

Kevin and Kevin are still my all-the-time cat video.

Kevin Found the Light


Favorite meal of the week – This was tough, because Tuesday night’s rack of lamb was surprisingly well-executed and delicious, but I think the win officially goes to last night’s One-Pot-Pasta (via Marin Mama, via Dani’s recommendation) for it’s ease of preparation and cleanup.

One Pot Pasta

Dani – Great call with this one, thank you!


Favorite workout of the week – Tuesday’s spin class was up there, but I’m still feeling the burn from Wednesday’s arm and shoulder circuit. I do love that.

15 Minute Upper Cody Circuit |


Question: Anyone else have a favorite cat video, meal, or workout from this week?