Snapshot Thursday v.2

Good morning.

I’m writing from a sunny but rainy LA, where I’m sure a rainbow is imminent. I’m told we’re experiencing “May gray”, which is something I’ve never heard of before. I know that obviously April showers bring May flowers, and that Mayflowers bring pilgrims, and I even know about “June gloom”, but May gray is a new one. Is that just me?


I thought I’d keep things light today, as it’s been a crazy week around here. I thought I’d revisit a post series called Snapshot Thursday, where I share some of the random photos I’ve taken recently but not posted on the blog along with the actual names I gave them when I saved them to my computer. As you’ll see, the names I choose do absolutely nothing in the way of helping me find what I’m looking for at a later date. But sometimes they’re funny. Here we go.


Snapshot Thursday v.2


51415 50415 freebs

Saved as50415 freebs

…As in freebies. The gym where I work was giving out free samples of these Meta “health bars”. I tried one and it wasn’t phenomenal (taste-wise or nutritionally), but people sure go crazy for free stuff.


51415 50515 beers

Saved as50515 beers

This was a drive-by picture, while my dad was taking me on a tour of the town (I hadn’t been home in a while). The Roundup is one of maybe three bars, total, in any sort of convenient vicinity to my parents’ house, and yet I still refuse to go. It’s a very post-high school hot spot, and I’ve always felt like I wanted to save those awkward encounters for my actual high school reunion.


51415 50615 equinot

Saved as50615 equinot

This is the treadmill in my parents’ garage that I use when I’m home. It’s not exactly the most inspiring location to get a workout in, but I’m just grateful for any sort of gym space. Equinox it is not.


51415 50715 ample parking

Saved as50715 ample parking

While I was home, my sister, Katie, and nephew, Cooper, came over to play. My mom, a retired preschool teacher, rolled out this play mat for Cooper to play with and it was a pretty big hit. I tried to explain to Cooper that while this city has plenty of parking for all the cars, that is not always the case. Life lessons.


51415 50815 proof

Saved as50815 proof

I took this picture mid-party while in San Francisco with my girlfriends. I was so proud of myself for remembering to drink water along side my moscow mules, that I took a picture for proof. I guess I’m that girl at parties.


51415 50915 streets for days

Saved as50915 streets for days

This picture was taken by me leaning out of the Uber like a tourist, but it actually came out pretty well. We were driving through the Castro, as you can see, with rainbow flags flying and streets that went on for days.


Ok, I better finish up and hit ‘publish’ on this post before the clock strikes noon and my initial Good Morning is no longer a valid statement anywhere in the country. Happy Thursday, everyone.



Question: How do you name your files? I’ll take any and all suggestions.

Birds on wire

My Game Plan For A Healthy Holiday Season

Good morning!


I hope your Tuesday is off to a wonderful start. I know this week is going to fly by.


Yesterday as I was eating cookies for breakfast… I got to thinking that maybe I could use a game plan to keep me (somewhat) on track the rest of this holiday season. Don’t forget that after Christmas, we’ve still got New Years to get through.


First things first: cocktails, cookies, and other sweet treats are part of what make the holiday season so special. Avoiding them entirely is pretty unrealistic, if not downright grinch-like. So, rather than trying to muster up enough will power to resist those items, I’m planning to focus my energy elsewhere. Here are the strategies I’ll be using to stay fit and feel good through the holidays:


1. Drink water – This is usually the first of my healthy habits to go right out the window. At parties, I get so caught up chatting with friends and relatives that a glass of water is the last thing on my mind. If I can manage to match one glass of water for every glass of wine, I’ll be a well-hydrated, happy camper.


2. Sweat every day – Even if it’s just a quick circuit workout in my tiny childhood bedroom, I’ll be prioritizing a daily workout. (Note: This is more to reduce the stress of big family functions than to offset an increased caloric intake.)

Do-anywhere workouts that pack a punch:
Rainy Day Full Body At-Home Workout
Barefoot Core Circuit
20 Minute Upper Body Workout


3. Try to get something green on my plate with every meal – This should be easy at lunch and dinner, but I plan to up the breakfast greens, as well. (Think Kale eggs or Nicoise Salad w/ a Poached Egg.)

Nicoise Salad with a poached egg


4. Stick with wine – White wine is my drink of choice year round, but even more so during the holidays when festive cocktails like eggnog and hot toddies are featured at the bar. I like white wine for its slightly lower calorie count and sugar content. Plus, sticking with one type of alcohol will significantly lesson my chances of waking up with a pounding headache.

Mar Vista Wine Night


5. Snack smart – When I’m hungry, I listen to my body; but I plan to reach for protein, not carbs. Snacking on a handful of almonds or carrots with peanut butter is going to quell my hunger much more effectively than chips or crackers.

Carrots and sun butter are a healthy snack


6. Live a little – For me, Christmas is one of the few holidays I get to spend with my family, so worrying about how many cookies I eat or how many minutes of cardio I get is a complete waste of my time. My time is better spent playing Catch Phrase with my relatives. (I think I like that game a little too much!)

Catch Phrase game night


Now I’m off to wrap a couple last minute gifts before heading off to my last spin class of 2014. What’s one of your healthy strategies during the holidays?