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Stability Ball Circuit

This workout is an example of circuit training at its finest. I’m not even exaggerating; this circuit workout comes directly from my textbook and is intended for clients at the stability level, AKA everyone. The main piece of equipment that you’ll need for this workout is a stability ball.



Core Circuit Workout

Barefoot Core Circuit

This is a workout for those times when you get to the gym right on time for the yoga class you thought started at 11am but really started at 9:45am, and are too embarrassed to leave right away, and want to get some sort of workout in but are wearing slip-ons because you were dressed for a barefoot yoga class.



20 minute Leg + Core Gym Burner

20 Minute Leg + Core Gym Burner

Your legs and core will be burning in just 20 minutes with this circuit that is perfect for a gym setting, but also entirely doable in the comfort of your own home.




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