Lower Body Strength Pyramid Workout #workouts #lowerbody via amym4gic.com

Lower Body Pyramid Workout

In total, you’ll be doing 55 reps of each exercise which sounds like a lot but it’s totally doable. And the whole thing should only take you about 15 minutes. Short and sweet!




Lower body TRI SET workout via amym4gic.com

Lower Body Tri-Set Summer Workout

This workout hits the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and all of the little guys in between. The single-leg exercises add a stability challenge and activate the core musculature.




Use Your Legs realistic leg workout #pinterest #fitness #workouts

20 Minute Do-Anywhere Leg Workout

A modified, more realistic version of an over-the-top Pinterest workout I came across one day. This one targets the lower body and can be completed in about 20 minutes.




180 At-Home Leg Workout

180 At-Home Leg Workout

Short and sweet, this workout fueled a 5-hour study session while toning my glutes, guads, and hip adductors (thighs), all in the comfort of my living room.




20 minute squat workout

20 Minute Squat Workout

If you love squats, this AMRAP-style workout is perfect for you. Your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and thighs will feel the burn. Squat jumps will keep your heart rate up for an added cardio burn.




30 Minute Leg Workout via amym4gic.com

30 Minute Leg Workout

I did this workout at my gym, but none of these exercises require fancy gym machines.  If you don’t have access to gym equipment (dumbbells & barbells), you can use any heavy objects around the house.




lower body circuit workout

Lower Body Circuit Workout 

This workout incorporates resistance training, with recurring squat jumps at the end of each set providing a continuous cardio element for ultimate efficiency.




20 minute Leg + Core Gym Burner20 Minute Leg + Core Gym Burner

Your legs and core will be burning in just 20 minutes with this circuit that is perfect for a gym setting, but also entirely doable in the comfort of your own home.






Summer Training (Lower Body) Workout


Summer Training Lower Body Workout

Complete this progressive circuit 2 to 3 times for a serious leg burn. No gym, no equipment required. Pair with 20 minutes of your favorite cardio for a complete workout.

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